History of Japanese Ramen

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The History of Japanese Ramen

The history of these traditional noodle dishes dates all the way back to the 1700's. No one really knows how, where, or exactly when ramen noodles took off, but one fact that is certain is that it's a dish splintered off of traditional Chinese noodle dishes.

Japanese natives enjoyed ramen noodles exclusively until the mid-1940's. After World War II, American food companies in establishing business in Japan. Subtly a part of mending relations between the American and Japanese governments, these corporations also knew that soldiers had grown fond towards much of the Asian cuisine in the area. From there, instant ramen began to take off as an Americanized hybrid- but the traditionally cooked noodles would take decades to become a hit with the American people

Coming back to present day, authentic ramen noodles have taken off and are a popular dish for many Americans all across the country. While mainly popular in large cities with prominent Asian populations like Boston, New York, and Los Angeles- it's still worth the trip and the flavorful experience!