Three Different Scenes, All Exceptional

Whip City Nightlife

The Maple Leaf Bar and Grill

Arguably the most popular spot in Westfield to get a drink, The Leaf offers daily specials, great bar food, and plenty of pool for affordable prices. With events happening daily and a friendly staff, this place can't be beat.

The Pahk

Popular amongst younger people, The Pahk offers free games of pong and free music for its patrons. With a limited menu and cheap drinks, this college dive has a lot to offer.

Whip City Brew, Bar and Grill

A local favorite for older customers, Whip City Brew offers a full kitchen menu full of delicious dishes and offers daily specials. Most popular for their 8 wings for $2 deals, as well as $1 taco night, WCB provides a lighthearted atmosphere and quality drinks.