The Whip City Hall of Shame

Abandon Hope, All ye who Enter Here

Pasquale's Italian Restaurant

Located in a barren lot next to a Gulf station, this place fronts as a "fine dining" establishment.

It's anything but.

Locals and college students have reported underprepared, low quality food, as well as rude staff. In addition, there have also been many complaints of servers doctoring tips. If you want a crappy meal and a ripoff, this is the place for you.

Cafe at the City Hotel

A great bar... if you want to be harrassed by old farts and have your credit card information stolen. Many have reported this townie dive to be a pricy and less than welcoming environment. Furthermore, the bartender openly does coke, and many fell prey to a skimmer that was left undetected on their in-bar ATM back in 2017.

Union Street, Powdermill Village, and its Surrounding Neighborhoods

Drugs, gangs, and prositutes- oh my!

Be wary of this area of Westfield. Between shady people and aggressive individuals living on the streets, nothing good comes out of this part of the city. Unless you're trying to catch a bullet or shoot a documentary about the decline of Western Mass, Whip City World highly recommends staying away.